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Why blonde and busty is a famous combination

A blonde and busty woman is the perfect bombshell that every man wants to date. Regardless of their cultural background, all guys feel an uncontainable attraction for girls that boast a large pair of breasts under a ravishing frame of blonde hair. What makes this combination a game-killer for so many men that ditch their regular-looking ladies for the chance of dating a sexy, blonde London escort?

The blonde stereotype

The “dumb blonde” stereotype is a cliché present in many cultures. It is still unclear how this expression became a semi-true trait of sexy, big breasted women that are also light-haired. Many believe that these girls make a better use of their looks than they do of their intelligence. This is why they don’t need to develop their intellectual traits, a practice that usually leads to funny and inexplicable blunders. Nevertheless, any experienced man who has dated plenty of busty, blonde-haired escorts like those from EROS can tell you that this myth is very far from the truth.

Famous blonde sex symbols

The unfortunate stereotype that follows blonde and busty girls everywhere they go is doubled by the famous women in popular culture who boasted the same features. Some of them include Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Brigitte Bardot and Paris Hilton. Few would say that these sexy ladies have won worldwide recognition through their artistic performances. Most people believe that their looks played a crucial role in their rise to fame and they would have remained merely escorts for wealthy men should their looks have been different.

Why men are dumbfounded by large breasts

Men prefer big breasts. This is a fact that does not need a survey or a scientific study. It is believed that a large bosom pulls a subconscious trigger that notifies guys of the presence of a fertile woman in the room. This is all reduced to the cold, biological definition of males and their reproductive instincts. However, the truth is that men prefer big hooters when they get to choose. Otherwise, they are happy with any breast size they can get their hands on, and they would gladly date any sexy London escort, regardless of how big her cleavage is.

The perfect body-hair combination

Sexiness has a different meaning to different men. Still, some body-hair combinations seem to make more men kneel than others. One of the most successful blends is the one between large breasts and blond hair. Something in this mix arouses guys to the point of no return. This can be proven by the large number of London escorts escorts that choose to die their hair blonde and to enhance their breasts through plastic surgery just to attract more clients.

Where to meet busty escorts?

If your mind is set on dating a hot, busty London escort with blonde hair, you do not have to look too far. Many of these beautiful women can be approached through the services of dating agencies from the UK capital. Others can be found online, on social media or just around the corner, having a drink in the local pub.